TIBC 2015 Judges

meladjpgCDJoana Saahirah of Cairo
Joana Saahirah is a Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer (specialized in Egyptian Oriental and Folkloric Dances); Actress and Author of the book “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond”.

Joana launched her career in Egypt, where she has worked as a solo artist and as assistant of Mahmoud Reda, The Father of Egyptian Dance. after that, she has become one of the most well known, respected and original Oriental Dancers in the World. Aside from Egypt, the center of her work for many years, she has taught, performed and lectured in countries like Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Israel, Turkey, England, France, Spain, Slovenia, Ireland, Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, Greece, Colombia, USA and more.

After almost a decade of life and successful career in Egypt – performing daily at the best venues with her own orchestra –, Joana rescued the ORIGINS and ESSENCE of Egyptian Oriental and Folkloric Dance and now shares them with the whole world. Her work – teaching, choreographing, performing and writing – unites East and West; the best of Egyptian soul and the best of western open and free mind; technique and expression; healing and art; the reconnection of MIND,the HEART, the BODY and the SOUL.  joanasaahirahworld.wordpress.com/sobre/

Lamia WebLamia Barbara
Lamia Barbara has been a student of bellydance, eastern dances and yoga for over 10 years, currently completing her studies for a Bachelor’s Degree in Bharatanatyam (classical Indian dance) at the Conservatory of Vicenza (Italy). Lamia’s research explores the history, philosophy, theory and technique of dance and music with an emphasis on the ethic of experimental fused dances and the great importance given to the connection between meaning and expression. Taking inspiration from her studies in dance and yoga, Lamia Barbara presents a unique style that blends eastern and western elements, searching for that sacredness of the body that belongs to every dance. http://www.lamiainfusion.com/

unnamed (1)Ebihara Miyoko 
Ebihara Miyoko found the magic of Bellydance in 1979 when she was living in the USA and learning from various Arabic dancers. She returned to Japan in 1984 and since became very well known as a pioneer of bellydancing. She has performed in various theaters and events including Nagoya Exposition, Yokohama Exposition, The International Garden and Greenery Exposition in Osaka, as well as many events presented by various acclaimed embassies, such as Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, and Morocco the home of bellydance.

Ebihara Miyoko focuses on Eastern and Western body techniques, yoga, modern and oriental dance, and bases her bellydance foundation on highly skilled methods. She thereby embodies dynamism of the body and soul, taking her dance out of the exotic traditional dance box, establishing reputation and impressing both dancers and the audience. http://www.bellydance.jp

Barbee Mako
Barbee is one of the pioneer bellydancers in Japan, who continues to thrive with her career until today. Her main teachers were Yousry Sharif and Ibrahim Farrah. As a teacher, she has trained and helped create many professional bellydancers, leading a lot of them to winning competitions in Japan, Egypt, and Lebanon.

Barbee continues to perform in countless events both in and out of Japan. She performed regularly in Aichi-Exposition, Korean festivals, and shows in Paris presented by Kamellia. She continues to evolve dance, taking new Egyptian style by going to dance festivals in Cairo, Egypt, as well as introducing bellydance as Entertainment Art in her self-produced shows and events. http://almistarmis.com/

NicoleNicole (Naomi Suzuki)
1997-present: Karima Arabian Dance Company (TOKYO,JAPAN) main instructor & Dancer
2006-present: Gold Gym (TOKYO) special instructor
2008-present: Studio El Salaam (TOKYO) instructor
2005: 4th place winner at the Cairo festival competition in Cairo, Egypt (the biggest bellydance festival in the world)
2007: Silver price at the Nagwa Forward Cup in Soul, Korea
2011: November: 2nd place winner at the Nile Festival competition with live music in Cairo, Egypt
2012: Skills of Award and Best of Choreography winner at Amani Oriental Festival competition in Beirut, LEBANON
2012: 1st place winner at MAXIM INTERNATIONAL in TOKYO,JAPAN
2012(Nov): 3rd place winner at the Nile Group Festival competition (Category/Solo) in Cairo, Egypt
2012/Nov: 1st place winner at the Nile Group Festival competition (Category/folklore group) in Cairo, Egypt
★2013/Feb: 1st place winner at the Nile Group Festival competition (Category/solo) in Cairo, Egypt http://www.nilegroup.net/competition.htm
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Video Submission & Preliminary Rounds Judge

Crowned Ms. La Danse Orientale 2013, Henna began her her professional bellydance career in Tokyo. A founding member of the Tribal Fusion troupe, Harissa, Henna’s personal style is rooted in Egyptian musicality and her movement is influenced by many styles of bellydance including Raqs Sharki, Egyptian folkloric dance, Turkish Orientale, American Cabaret, ATS, Tribal Fusion, and modern dance. She credits her time in Tokyo as an inspiring time to be a part of a large and diverse belly dance community. In 2008 she sought to give back to the Japanese bellydance community by co-founding Deseos and, with Joe, started the Tokyo International Bellydance Competition in 2009. After teaching and performing for four years in Japan, Henna returned to her hometown of Portland, Oregon, USA, where she continues to perform mainly with the Middle Eastern band, Ritim Egzotik. Henna is certified in Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements Phase II and can be seen as a guest instructor on Rachel Brice’s online studio, Datura Online. She considers herself a lifelong student of Oriental dance, and an advocate for Middle Eastern arts around the world. http://www.hennadances.com

TIBC Host / MC

Farasha grew up in the U.S.A.(N.Y.) and Brazil (S.P.) and studied and performed many kinds of dance forms while she lived overseas. She studied Egyptian dance in Egypt and Japan, with many world renowned teachers, and keeps on studying intensively. Farasha is the director of Studio FODSS in Tokyo, Japan. Studio FODSS is an award winning dance company, and Farasha and FODSS performs all over Japan and overseas.  She teaches and judges at International festivals and competitions, and has been featured on TV, newspapers, magazines, books, DVDs and other international and domestic media. Her passion is to spread the beauty and joy of Oriental dance to all generations throughout Japan, and connect with good energy throughout the world. Farasha has been the MC of TIBC every year since the 1st time in 2009. http://www.fodss.jp/  http://www.farasha.jp/profile.html