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✪ Professional Oriental Solo Category ✪

  • 1st Place : Yurie
  • 2nd Place : Kagura
  • 3rd Place : yukimi
  • Joana Saahirah’s Pick : Yurie

✪ Professional Oriental Ensemble Category ✪

  • 1st Place : mimosa twins
  • 2nd Place : Adiva
  • 3rd Place : Fiorana
  • People’s Choice : Fiorana

✪ Fusion Solo Category ✪

  • 1st Place : KUNI
  • 2nd Place : Erykah
  • 3rd Place : Non
  • Lamia’s Pick : KUNI

✪ Fusion Ensemble Category ✪

  • 1st Place : Daizzzy
  • 2nd Place : Mut2
  • 3rd Place : Amazoness
  • DAMLAPeople’s Choice : Amazoness

✪ Non-Professional Oriental Solo Category ✪

  • 1st Place : Wakana
  • 2nd Place : LEILA
  • 3rd Place : Kana
  • Joana Saahirah’s Pick: Wakana

✪ Non-Professional Oriental Ensemble Category ✪

  • 1st Place : El Asal
  • 2nd Place : Bither
  • 3rd Place : Aurora Nur
  • People’s Choice : El Asal

It’s that time of the year again!

We are proud to announce TIBC 2015, the seventh annual Tokyo International Bellydance Competition. Over the years the number of contestants joining TIBC has increased rapidly both in and out of Japan. The dancing just get better and better with such talented dancers taking part, and the event keeps getting more exciting every time. 

We follow up the 2014 line-up with new and amazing guest Judges: Joana Saahirah of Cairo, Lamia Barbara from Italy, and Ebihara Miyoko, Barbee Mako and Nicole from Japan.

In addition to fabulous dancing, a bazaar of music, dance wear, costumes, accessories, and more, will be open all day where audience members can shop, mingle and vote for their favorite Ensemble performances in a special Choice Award.

After enjoying a whole afternoon of competition, the dancing will continue into the Starry Nights showcase. This will certainly be a night of bright stars when some of the world’s top foreign dancers as well as Japan’s very own favorites perform in this wonderful show. There will also be workshops offered the following day, where participants of all levels will be able to learn from our special guest artists Joana Saahirah of Cairo and Lamia Barbara.

As always, we are so thrilled to discover new, rising, talented dancers from Japan and abroad. And we look forward to meeting new friends as well seeing old ones again! Welcome to TIBC 2015!